Top 10 Reasons to Support the Launch of The Millennial Myth

#1 To spread my philosophy that makes the conversation throughout the workplace less about Millennials, and more about digital behavior. Stop complaining and start modernizing already!

#2 To watch rankings soar

#3 Because you absolutely need more of this

#4 And you want to be able to post this:

#5 Or this:

#6 To keep my book’s place next to well-known authors

#7 You want more of this.

#8 To leave an awesome Amazon review – oh and here’s a quick, easy template:

Title Option 1: A must-read for [enter your role e.g. leaders]

Title Option 2: The best book on Millennials/Not just another book about Millennials

Review: This book should be in every workplace because [why did you love it]. [Who do you think should read this book] should get a copy today!

#9 Because one is just not enough

#10 Because you will have my eternal gratitude!

Don’t forget to take a picture with your copy and send it to me!