The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs

"As co-founders of Culture of Good, Inc., which inspires more than 3,000 millennial employees to do meaningful work, we found The Millennial Myth to be spot on. Not only has Crystal helped to dispel myths that simply hold little truth about the next generation of leader, she has also provided in extensive detail the way forward for those leading them. This book is a must-read for those who expect to have success in leading the next generation of employees."

-- Scott Moorehead and Ryan McCarty, Co-Founders Culture of Good, Inc.

The Book


Millennials have been condemned as lazy, entitled, disloyal, and disrespectful and needing constant hand-holding. This Amazon best seller shows that not only are these negative stereotypes dead wrong, but each one conceals a positive workplace practice that forward-looking companies must adopt if they are to endure. You will learn how the advent of digital technology is the crucial root cause of many Millennial behaviors. But the book doesn’t stop there – it offers a guide for what our traditional workplace needs to do to attract, engage, and retain modern talent.


Preface: Millennials and the Modern Workplace

Introduction: The Perceptions We Hold Today

Chapter 1: Rebuilding the Backdrop for Millennials

Chapter 2: It's Not Lazy, It's Redefining Productivity

Chapter 3: It's Not Entitled, It's Entrepreneurial

Chapter 4: It's Not Hand-Holding, It's Agile

Chapter 5: It's Not Disloyal, It's Seeking Purpose

Conclusion: A Millennial-Inspired Modern World

The Course: Managing Millennials & Gen Z


Do you manage team members who belong to younger generations? Are you struggling to understand what motivates them? Are you searching for ways to drive cooperation, productivity, or profitability?

In this course you’ll learn that it’s not just about Millennials or Gen Z, it’s about adapting your daily management practices to better engage with all modern talent in this current digital age.

As you take a closer look at each generation, you will develop an inclusion-ready mindset using a Stereotypes-to-Strengths framework and break through the 5 most common stereotypes of Millennials. This hands on course includes practical exercises and reflection activities to help you level up your management skills and become an engaging, effective leader of all modern talent.

*For those with PMPs, you will earn 6 PDUs for completing this course.

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