Thank you for your interest in being a Modern Workplace Champion!

For readers of The Millennial Myth and other champions, this resource library is a one-stop-shop to help you apply what you’ve learned and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.


How Modern Is Your Culture? Self-Assessment

You can view the results of the survey in real time and see how your responses compare with other readers. Take the assessment here.


Chapter Summaries

These outlines include a brief summary of each chapter as well as links to deeper references as a convenient way for you to source data and insight for your own initiatives. This is also a great resource for professors of graduate programs who wish to use this book as a way to spark discussion about generational trends and the modern workplace.


Chapter 1: Rebuilding the Backdrop for Millennials

Chapter 2: It’s Not Lazy, It’s Productivity Redefined

Chapter 3: It’s Not Entitled, It’s Entrepreneurial

Chapter 4: It’s Not Hand-Holding, It’s Agile

Chapter 5: It’s Not Disloyal, It’s Seeking Purpose

Chapter 6: It’s Not Authority Issues, It’s Respect Redefined



10-Minute Champion Ideas Collaboration Document

Contribute your own 10-Minute Champion ideas and get more from other readers in this online collaboration document. Find it here.


Key Quotes and Ah-ha’s Collaboration Document

Many readers often use a personal document to capture key insights as they read. To enrich this activity, this is a live collaboration document with quotes and key points that stood out for other readers of this book. I welcome you to add your own thoughts as you read along and support the community! Find it here.


LinkedIn Group: The Future Workplace Consortium

In this LinkedIn group, you can stay in touch with the latest insights on future workplace ideas. The group includes a virtual consortium of social scientists, Millennial/digital/futurist experts, and CEOs ready to experiment with the workplace as we know it. Considering the unprecedented challenges of globalization, digital technology, demographic shift, and sustainability, we find a need to collaborate across disciplines, geographic boundaries, and hierarchies to discuss how to move forward.
To join, click here.