Podcast from Nonfiction4Life: #31: “The Millennial Myth” by Crystal Kadakia

Even as digital technology is disrupting workplace culture, Crystal Kadakia, author of The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs, is aiming to solve the biggest human capital trend of our next decade: millennials in the workplace. To remain competitive, we not only need generational diversity; we need to embrace, harness, engage modern talent.

As a thought leader and trainer, Kadakia rebuilds a backdrop for millennials, reminding us that every generation had benefited from innovations. Now, by having their basic needs met, millennials are also able to self-actualize. She also debunks five commonly held myths about millennials:

  1. It’s not lazy; it’s productivity redefined.
  2. It’s not entitled; it’s entrepreneurial.
  3. It’s not hand-holding; it’s agility.
  4. It’s not disloyal; it’s seeking purpose.
  5. It’s not authority issues; it’s respect redefined.

Approaching each misconception using her “One Coin, Two Sides” model, Kadakia treats the issues with equanimity. She gives us new language and positive attributes to reframe each of the stereotypes.

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