Top 10 Millennial-Ish Moments of 2016

To close out 2016, here’s a snapshot of ten random, informal moments that stuck out to me this year through my journey speaking, training, and consulting on Millennial behavior and the ingredients for a modern workplace. And hmm, while living life in general.


Countless: Times I realized the power of building relationships to achieve dreams: be it virtual or face to face. Consistency, connection, and authenticity matter. No man is an island. No man goes it alone.


1,589: The number of times a Gen Xer or Boomer told me about a technology I’ve never heard of.


Learning that microwaves were invented only a few years before I was born – and how EVERYTHING had to be heated up on a stove or in an oven before then


> Seven: The number of Boomers (that I know of) inspired to join inter-generational diversity and inclusion efforts after hearing me speak.


A Boomer complained about how they can’t get a hold of Millennials – only to have their coworker mention how hard it is to get a hold of said Boomer


Supernova: The level of fear I have about virtual reality taking over the lives of my future, unborn children and them not knowing what “real” actually is


Four: Generations of people this year that have told me that they want to change their career or job and figure out what their real passion is.


Ubering to a park 20 minutes outside the city, only to realize there was no signal to call an Uber back. No GPS, no park map, and nothing in print. #soMillennial


40%: The approximate percentage of my Millennial network promoted to managers or above this year.


Realizing how Millennial I continue to be: Minimized belongings, bought an RV and lived in it year-round with the ol’ timers (well, actually, we saw a surprising diversity of RVers – not just retirees!)


The word Millennial simultaneously annoys and inspires me. And yet, I still see how Millennials are a reflection of deeper changes in society. Despite how media has made it undesirable to identify oneself as Millennial (even for me, I hate the idea of being a Millennial), I realize that my Millennial-ness is what has created the great experiences I’ve had in 2016. I’m looking forward to continuing to create a new mindset around Millennials, one that is more meaningful and helpful for deciphering the many changes we see around us. I am looking forward to many more great experiences in 2017!

Below is a reflection on 2016 and what’s coming up for 2017 for me.